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September 21st, 2011

Leftovers! BBQ chicken, corn, cheese, tortillas. This was a few weeks ago but the recipe’s still good. You know the drill. Spatula cam HD is coming.


August 17th, 2009

It has been over a week since we arrived in Chicago, but it’s taken that long to gather my thoughts for this, the OFFICIAL RECAP. The $5 Footlongs Across America trip was a complete success, even if we didn’t eat as many Spicy Italians as I’d have hoped…


DAY 1: Los Angeles, CA to Willcox, AZ
600 miles, hot desert, footlong tuna on 9-grain honey oat, giant bugs, shitty motel ($50/night), ghost town of Willcox, warm beer, sharing beds.



DAY 2: Willcox to Marfa, TX
450 miles, hot deserts, fireworks stand, New Mexico (I guess), gigantic burrito garage in El Paso, Lone Star beer, backyard camping, “Marfa lights,” thunderstorm huddles, Stitch the dog.



at prada marfa

DAY 3: Marfa
Chinati tour, Food Shark falafel truck, wine in the afternoon, Dairy Queen Tagalong Blizzard, backyard BBQ, backyard camping, Lone Star beer, shuffleboard at Padre’s…



DAY 4: Marfa to San Antonio
Wandering, shuffleboard, Pizza Foundation, 400 miles, Dragonforce, broken power window, sunset, arctic grocery store, couch surfers (thanks Sam!).


DAY 5: San Antonio to Austin
Be Kind Rewind, laundry, 80 miles, free shit-flavored vodka, Jackalope’s BBQ chicken bleu cheesesteak, Scrabble, folding couch surfing (thanks Randy, Marlon, Thor, Erica…). No pix for today so here’s Akemi:


DAY 6: Austin
Juan in a Million breakfast tacos, Barton Springs swimming hole, Mr. Natural lunch vegan tacos, PARTY!, Scrabble.

at barton

DAY 7: Austin to Pizza Hut, AR
450 miles, Mr. Natural phantom breakfast, footlong turkey instead, “What are y’all doing in Arkansas?” (eating a pepperoni pizza), camping by White Oak Lake, throwing fireworks in the water with Tito, bugs x 1000000.


DAY 8: Arkansas to Memphis, TN
3 mile hike, spiderwebs, gunshots, Scrabble, 250 miles, “Welcome to Memphis” @ Corky’s BBQ, priceline DoubleTree ($52/night), Two Cow Garage, taxi driver.

a l'hotel

DAY 9: Memphis
Oil change, swimming pool, Mississippi River, BIG ASS BEER, nicest people on earth, midnight birthday.


DAY 10: Memphis to Chicago, IL
550 miles, bunch of stuff, anxiety, arrival, the L&L, futon (thanks Jenn!!!!).


The end. We’ve been in Chicago since August 5th, my birthday, and things have had a nice pace since our arrival. Yesterday we got a bike for Akemi. I finished the BRAIN VACATION project (worldwide release Judgment Day, August 29). I may have lined up a job to work during school. Etc, etc. Life continues, but I’m already craving a new destination. Clinging to my consciousness, the mindless urge to continue forward has me still reaching for the sunflower seeds. I’m having driving withdrawals.  All that mattered was in that car, and that car was all that mattered. And God dammit, we made it!

I’ll close with this, the opening of Jean Baudrillard’s America. Let’s get arty:


Some photos here taken by John Almquist


June 1st, 2009


A few things to catch up with that were missed last week:

(1) I went campin’. Photos will be posted very soon.
(2) I did a bunch of cool stuff after work each day, except for the night where I sat at home and burped into a microphone for 3 hours.

One of the cool stuffs I did was take a trip to Territory, which is easily one of the greatest ideas ever: half record store, half Southern-style BBQ joint. It went pretty much as you’d expect a visit to such an establishment would go — browsed records for an hour or so, then walked over to the restaurant and ate some heavy, delicious food. I had the beef brisket dinner w/mac & cheese and baked beans and some BYOBeers (awesome).

The record store portion is incredibly small and the selection is certainly focused. It isn’t the place you go to find something you’re looking for, it’s the place you go to be found by something you didn’t even know you needed. 90% of it is used vinyl, and most of it is from decades long passed. Plenty of ’60s/’70s psychedelic stuff, some foreign garage / proto-punk, lots of dance music…  The goodies I left with were few but highly satisfying — one used “Sandinista!” triple album by The Clash ($13), which sounds amazing, and a brand new “Candy Apple Grey” by Husker Du on cassette ($3). I pondered long and hard over a Dick Dale collection (used, $7, and yes I just said “I pondered long and hard over a Dick”), a Bad Brains live LP (used, $5), and the first Wu-Tang record (new, $16).

I’ve also got my eye on the VHS tape of Suburbia (used, $6, the “terrible movie” in question below) and might be headed back for that sometime soon…